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Bastards (Claire Denis, 2014)

There are moments, and then there are in-between moments. That immeasurable elapse just after a film is ended contains multitudes – meditations on the theme and content of what one has just watched, maybe. A sense of pride over making it all the way through...

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Movie Review: G.B.F. (2013)

First, I’d like to acknowledge that the mere existence of a movie like G.B.F. is a good thing. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t looking hard enough (or at all) as a teenager, but there haven’t been many gay high school romantic comedies created for a mainstream audience. They existed...

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The Ultimate Warrior

I’ve been thinking a lot about The Ultimate Warrior lately. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the man, Warrior (or Jim Helwig, if you’re not into calling people by the names they choose to self-apply). I was at WretleMania XXX in New Orleans, and...