Fear of a Ghost Planet was launched in 2011 by Paul Arrand Rodgers, who originally blogged about popular culture at Careful with that Blog, Eugene. Fear of a Ghost Planet was envisioned as an expansion of that project and several others, a venue for the discussion of film, professional wrestling, comic books, and more—every corner of culture that is of interest to the author.

Paul Arrand Rodgers is currently pursuing an PhD in English Literature from the University of Georgia. Originally from Dearborn, Michigan, Paul now resides in Athens, Georgia. He is a poet and an essayist whose work has appeared in a number of literary magazines, including Hobart, BOAAT, and The Atlas Review. He has been writing about popular culture since 2006, and his work has received notice from Roger Ebert and UpRoxx Media’s With Leather. He launched Fear of a Ghost Planet in 2011, and has since launched or maintained a number of projects on Tumblr. Those include Date with a WrestlerHeathcliff Explained, and Wrestling Fashion. More information about Paul can be found on his website, and he can be followed on Twitter @gh0stplanet.

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