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Binge and Purge: On Death Row (2012)

Binge and Purge is a monthly column about binge-watching, that curiously American act of sitting down and devouring television shows not episode-by-episode, but season-by-season. Full seasons will be discussed. Spoilers, though generally avoided, may be divulged. On Death Row – Created by Werner Herzog Originally...

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show 2

The Problem With the Oscars Is the Oscars

I knew before Seth MacFarlane was announced as the host of this year’s Academy Awards that I would not be watching the ceremony. If Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, two incredibly talented women whose shows 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation rank among my favorite...

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TV Review: Community S4E03 – Conventions of Space and Time

“Conventions of Space and Time” focuses on the continued friction of the Troy-Britta-Abed love triangle. Both Abed and Troy attempt to figure out how to deal with the fact that they no longer can spend every waking moment together. Meanwhile, Britta, to better connect with...