Wrestling Worth Watching: WWE Raw (10/10/11) and SmackDown! (10/14/11)

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WWE Monday Night Raw (10/10/11)
CM Punk Points Out the Logical Fallacies of the WWE Walk-Out: Raw didn’t really start out too strong, with a group of dudes whining about another group of dudes who were whining about the actions of one dude in particular, Triple H. I still can’t make heads or tails of the situation, but moments before the walk out ended, CM Punk, John Cena and Sheamus came out and talked about why the walk out was pretty much stupid. Punk, who walked out of the WWE at Money in the Bank with the WWE Title, wisely pointed out that the individuals walking out were doing so over the actions that they themselves were often responsible for, that it’s tough to complain about an unsafe workplace one minute and club your opponent in the head when his back’s turned the next. He then was incredibly excited to be the guest timekeeper and sole announcer for the John Cena vs. Sheamus match that was to start the show until…

Vince McMahon Returned: And, in anti-Vince fashion, he didn’t make one reference to his supposedly gigantic genitalia. Though the part where the WWE Board of Directors had no problem with HHH as the COO was a little odd, as was McMahon’s distaste for a dude he himself hired and has continuously elevated up the corporate ladder, McMahon’s all-too-brief return and introduction of Johnny “Funkhauser” Ace as the Raw GM was more unnecessary proof of McMahon as one of the greatest talkers in the history of professional wrestling.

Dolph Ziggler’s Response to Johnny Ace Being GM: Ace stood by the door of the arena and shook everybody’s hand as they came in for the day’s work. Most shook it or fist bumped or said “Thank you.” Ziggler said “WHATEVS” and kept going. Brilliant.

Jim Ross Tips His Hat to Ace Upon Being Fired: I might just be the world’s biggest Jim Ross mark, and was incredibly angry to see him get fired in his home state of Oklahoma. Usually it’s good when something in wrestling enrages me, but this is about the 70th time J.R. has been fired in Oklahoma since he was signed to the WWF in time for Wrestlemania IX, and it left us with a problem the WWE’s been unwilling to deal with since this year’s WrestleMania: Their announcers engaged in a four-month long angle where one made fun of the others dead mother. Ross’ exit was class, though: A tip of the hat and a silent exit. He’ll probably be brought back for the 70th time, but by tipping his hat and walking out the door, J.R. silently said more than many men do given a live microphone and 20 minutes.

Questionable Decision of the Week: Hardly any matches ended cleanly, and the two that did weren’t really anything special. Worse, two main-event level matches–Cena/Sheamus and Punk/Del Rio–ended because some dude in a suit wanted to talk, instead.  It’s just as well, since Michael Cole spent the rest of RAW crowing about how happy he was JR was gone, and the minute Johnny Ace was made GM, it was just a matter of waiting for the axe to fall and Miz and R-Truth (collectively known as The Sharecroppers) were brought back to end the show. I continue to be disappointed by the WWE’s refusal to tie up the gigantic loose end of this angle, but hey, maybe Kevin Nash has one of those sweet Hulk Hogan deals and only needs to show up to the pay per views. I refuse to be excited about any further developments on Raw until Nash comes back.

WWE SmackDown! (10/14/11) (Watch it on YouTube)

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Get, Like, Five Seconds Against Each Other: In the show’s opening 41-man battle royal (the biggest in WWE history, according to WWE), a lot of dudes got their clubber on with some other dudes, but I was given hope by the brief encounter between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, who needed to have an extended program yesterday. I thought it was going to happen a year or so ago, when Punk started calling Bryan’s matches, but then Punk got injured and the program was shelved. Too bad.

Beth Phoenix Finally Beats Kelly Kelly Clean: About damn time.

Sin Cara Unmasks Sin Cara: If this means Mistico will be making his proper WWE debut as Mistico sometime soon, I’m game.

A fellow of infinite jest.

Booker T’s explanation For the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara Feud: “Maybe it’s like those kung-fu movies, where the guy takes the other guy’s soul. Right? Right Josh?”

Swaggler (Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger) vs. Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder: With Evan Bourne suffering from Swaggler’s pre and post match beatdown on Monday Night Raw, Zack Ryder stepped in and teamed with WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston to take on the team. Vickie Guerrero’s tag team find themselves engaged in three feuds–against Mason Ryan, against Air Boom (ugh, what a name), and against Ryder–and, for a minute, I thought they were going to forget about Ryder. Not so. Over the past few weeks, he’s pinned Dolph Ziggler three times and has eliminated him from a battle royal. I suspect a title match will be coming soon, which will be good.

Questionable Decision of the Week: None, really. Just an overall good show with several good matches, two of which ended with understandable, logical interference. The only minor quibble is that Randy Orton went into his match against Mark Henry as if he’d never been in a 41-man battle royal, but Henry got to dominating him pretty early, so it didn’t matter. As has been true for the show’s duration, SmackDown! continues to be WWE’s better wrestling show. This week, it was more entertaining than Raw, too.