Welcome to a Ghost Planet

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Hello and welcome to Fear of a Ghost Planet, without question the only blog on the internet that saw the episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast with Chuck D and thought, hey, that’d make one hell of a blog name! If you’ve come here looking for rants, reviews, and unpopular opinions on popular culture, you’re definitely in the right place. Myself, Caleb Lalinsky and Dante Villanova, refugees three from Careful With That Blog, Eugene, have a lot of things to say on subjects including (but not limited to) film, music and professional wrestling; from Suburban Commando to Hulk Hogan’s Wrestling Boot Band to the Wrestlemania III match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

The three of us have a serious passion for pop culture which, unfortunately, doesn’t get the press it deserves. Sure, Hollywood will gladly make money from a movie based on Batman, but any discussion of Batman outside of a movie theatre is most likely taking place in the mumbly tones common to comic book convention dwellers. And while wrestling fans exist and populate endless message boards, serious discussion of wrestling has just now started to move out of the pages of magazines most fans would be embarrassed to buy at CVS and to the forefront of social consciousness. We want to change that. Not that we think we’re better than your average fan, blog, or professional, but we at Fear of a Ghost Planet are tired of seeing the things we love (and, worse, the things we hate about the things we love) being dissected like a frog on a lab bench.  We’re fanboys, too, but we’re legitimate writers, and we’re going to treat the things we love in a way that, too often, isn’t done: with respect.