The Incredible Sulk: The Avengers, The Death of Art and Me

Laurence Thompson

Laurence Thompson is an English writer, currently working on the sequel of an award-winning independent film. He is almost certainly drunk.

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  • Jbelkas_Return

    Fantastic review, this man truly appreciates art and is a break from the common philistinisim of today.

    • Rhianastasia

      Yes it is.

  • Shiggsy

    As solid and insightful as I found your review, I feel the crowning glory was the shoehorning in of Jim Broadbent. Now I’m thinking about his craggy face and suppressing rage rather than thinking about the Avengers, so thanks.

  • The Ruddy Youth (@ruddyyouth)

    Superhero comics have always been – and always will be – low culture. They exist for their visual and visceral appeal. A movie based on comics is that same energy ported into a different medium. Expecting them to be anything other than what they are – popcorn films and picture books – is missing the point.