Wrestling Worth Watching (4/2/12): Raw is Jericho & Tensai & Henry & Punk & Rock & Cena & & Del Rio & Brock Lesnar & YES & YES & YES

Paul Arrand Rodgers

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2 Responses

  1. Dante Villanova says:

    Brock Lesnar was never a great wrestler.

    He may have suplexed Big Show and busted the ring years before Mark Henry and botched the funniest moonsault off the top rope that almost sheared his head off into Kurt Angle’s rib cage, but really what made Brock Lesnar was Paul Heyman. Brock rarely spoke which was a good thing considering how terrible he is at trash talk. And considering the walrus is nowhere in sight, Brock is teetering on the edge of becoming a dominating force WITH SOMEONE’S assistance or just one PPV away from crapping his latex diaper and retiring due to diverticulitis and banality.

    Good review, son.

    • Paul Rodgers says:

      Dante! Come back!

      Oh, and beyond the squashes he was having before Katie Vick chased me away from wrestling, I’ve seen two of his matches: Against The Rock at Summerslam 2002, and against The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell. Both are brilliant, but again: Walrus. And the fact that The Rock and The Undertaker are among the greatest WWE workers ever and were at crazy highs, at the time.

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